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   Machining center product
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Dongguan Xuyang Numeric Control Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Xuyang Numeric Control Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company to engage into production and sales of machine tool. It always endeavors to machine tool industry persistently by full of enthusiasm since establishment. In the meanwhile, employees give their strength to meet users’ different demands wholeheartedly. Xuyang machine tools which integrate high efficiency and high precision from R&D design, production to after-sales service have combined too much of our efforts and expectations. We sell machine tools around the world by persistent endeavor. Products and service also gain users’ praise to show our pragmatic and honest belief at the same time.

Our products are as follows: Vertical and gantry processing center of high rigidity, high precision, high cost performance, stability and durability; Vertical linear guiderail processing center of high precision, durability, convenient operation, reduction of processing period and pursuit of high-efficiency; Drilling center of fast movement, high speed and high precision; High-speed gantry CNC engraving and milling machine of stability, high luster and high efficacy; Electric spark machine of excellent performance, stability and easy operation; Precise planar grinding machine of high precision, stability and durability; Turret type rocker arm milling machine of high rigidity and high precision; Linear cutting machine tool and rocker arm drilling machine of high precision and durability.

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